Guided Hikings with "samos outdoor activities" group

Paleo Karlovasi - Waterfalls

  • Waterfall visit
  • Swimming in the river
  • Cave visit

Hiking to the old settlement of Karlovasi, through the stone paved path. The first stop is at the traditional settlement (the old part of the town) of Karlovasi, where there is a chance to take some panoramic photos. Then we hike to the Agios Antonios cave, to go to the little church built inside. We continue to the venetian fort, explaining a bit if its history. From the remains of the fort we go to the byzantine church of Metamorfosi and then to the waterfalls of Potami for a refreshing experience, before we head back.

Difficulty: Easy



Mikro & Megalo Seitani

  • Secluded beaches only accessible by foot
  • Ideal rocks for cliff jumping
  • Herb observation

Hiking by the seaside from Karlovasi to Megalo Seitani, within a Natura 2000 ecological network protected area. On our way, through this wild side of the island, there will be a variety of herbs to collect. First stop will be at Mikro Seitani where there is the option for swimming and exploring the exit of the gorge that ends there. Then we will continue to the beach of Megalo Seitani. For those who dare, the rocks at the end of the beach are ideal for jumping in the water. Finally we take the way back to the point we started.

Difficulty: Moderate


Hiking to the top

  • Moonlight hiking
  • Sunrise from the top
  • Panoramic view

Kerkis is the highest mountain of Samos and the second highest of Aegean. The terrain is quite rocky and the route is physically demanding but not technically. The stops are sufficient so that everyone can keep up. The view from most points of the route is amazing. During a good day the neighboring islands are visible and when the weather is clear one can see as far as the mountains of Crete.

From mid-June to 15 September, the hike starts at night so that we hike under the starry sky and in order to avoid the heat during the noon. After enjoying the sunrise at the top, we take the way back to the village we started.

Difficulty: Hard



Kakoperato hiking

  • Breathtaking view
  • Easy hike
  • Cave visit

Starting from the traditional mountain village of Kosmadei, we hike to the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi and follow the path that leads to the gorge of Kakoperato. On our way we come across local herbs and explain a little of their use. After a short distance, we find ourselves on the side of the gorge to enjoy the amazing view. After a small pause, we continue to the cave, where the small church of Panagia is built. The way is on a narrow ledge reminding a bit of a traditional via ferrata. After a quick snack at the church, we take the way back to Kosmadaei village.

Difficulty: Easy