Hiking around the Hotel

The island of Samos is well known for the traditional mountain villages. Surrounded by mountain vineyards, these villages kept their architecture untouched and offer the visitor a unique experience of how the settlements of the island used to be. There are multiple trails in the area between the villages. The paths are stone paved and of great natural beauty.The following images show what can be seen while  walking around the area of the Hotel. It's difficult to describe it in words...












These are some of the herbs that might be found while hiking.



Sage: As a decoction is tonic, sedative, diuretic. It helps to fight acne, colds, headaches and migraine.




Thyme: As a decoction is antiseptic, disinfectant, sedative in bronchitis, whooping cough and generally against persistent cough. It is known for its  perfume.


This is a map, showing some well marked paths for hiking.

These paths are taken care by a group of young people called Nature-lover-group, who also developed the following hiking map.